Welcome, to the “30 Fit-Day Plan!' You are probably here because you need a Jumpstart on your weightloss plan. Feeling fatigued, tired and just simply tired of your clothes not fitting you.. Well, this program is just for you. Our 30 Fit-Day Plan is just what you need to reboot your body, and lose weight… Did we mention you’ll probably have more energy?!

Transform yourself in just 30 days!

30 Fit-Day Experience

plusyour 30 Fit-day Program....

  add the Fit-Go-30 ($377.16)

This plan is normally reccommened for our clients that have up to 10 pounds to lose. *Results may vary

*Results may vary.
Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. a week

30-Fit-Day Plan includes: Basic Plan

* 1 Fit Fats
* 1 MetaboFit2
* 1 DetoxiFit
* 1 Patch MinFit/MaxFit(15of each patch)

 PLUS 3 far-infared Sauna Sessions

Price $274.79