How long is a Shaker-Fit Vibration Plate treatment?

Your vibration plate treatment will last between 10 – 15 minutes.

How often should I have a vibration plate treatment?

We recommend 3 sessions per week, depending on the results you desire.

What should I wear for my vibration plate treatment?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear for a gym session.

During some of your treatments, we may ask you to do some light exercise movements while on the platform such as calf raises, squats and lunges.

Should I eat before my vibration plate treatment?

Some clients feel better during and after their treatments if they eat before they get on the vibration plate.We recommend having a light, nutritious snack before your session. (grab one of our protein bars)

Are there some people who should not use the vibration plate?

Yes, there are some conditions which are not suitable for vibration plate treatment. These include1:

Recent or possible thrombosis
Cardiovascular complaints, e.g. valve disorder
Recent sutures, scars and fresh wounds
Foot, knee and hip implants
Any metal/synthetic implants, e.g. pacemaker
Lumbar disc problems
Acute inflammations or infections
Migraine headaches

Is there downtime after a vibration plate treatment?

No, you may resume your normal activities after your treatment.

Fitamerica Pa  is partnered with Shaker-Fit technologies. The Shaker-Fit  is a revolutionary form of low-impact exercise that promotes health and fitness with less time and effort. The vibration does the work and the body simply responds, melting away fat, relieving chronic pain, increasing bone density, and improving overall well-being. Ideal for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.

FAQs For The Shaker Fit Vibration Plate