Dairy & Fats Limited to one serving daily: Cheese, Butter, Milk, Yogurt, Mayonnaise



The Time is Now!

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Water...water & more water!.

You will work with your health advisor and they will guide you on how much and why water is such an important part of your program.

Starch Limited to two servings daily:  Bread, Rice, Pasta, Potato, Cereal, Pretzel, Pancake, Waffle, Corn, Peas, Beets.

Create a pattern of healthy eating that lasts

 Fruits and Cnberry Sauce


Learn again to eat what your Body needs!

At Fit America Pa, we believe that food should taste delicious and that no food is off-limits. However,  we may just have to re-work how we eat during our day. Our Food Program resets your habits and your brain to be able to develop a healthier pattern of living so during the next season of your life your eating pattern becomes second nature to you.